Asset Lifecycle Tracking

SAP Asset Accounting for tracking capitalization values

An end-to-end integrated reporting add-on based on SAP Asset Accounting for tracking capitalization values of fixed assets with value trail available across FI, CO, MM, PS modules along with Geospatial analysis for precision MIS.



Business Process - Assets under Construction

The add-on covers complete lifecycle of Asset Capitalization process, i.e. from Capital Procurement via SAP Materials Management to Project Management in SAP Project Systems to Capitalization process in SAP Financials module.

Real time reconciliation between FIAA & MM

The add-on is tightly integrated with logistics modules and offers unified console for reconciling capital procurement figures with asset transactions during the financial year.

Asset wise Proportionate Tax Reporting

The add-on comes with proportionate tax calculation along with corresponding invoice amounts which enables multi-dimensional reporting required for ensuring compliance to various audit & certification requirements for availing tax incentives & government subsidies.

Multi-scenarios support along with Geo tracking

The add-on takes care of all possible business scenarios & combinations possible for capital procurement. The architecture is scalable and flexible for carrying out necessary customer modifications and is designed to work both for normal & in-memory database platforms.

Geospatial analysis on Google Maps

The visualization is provided in SAP Fiori where user can carry out Geospatial analysis on Fixed Assets using Google Maps. Assets & Supplier location is geotagged in SAP backend and is then rendered on SAP Fiori dashboards via JavaScript API of Google Cloud Platform.

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